CF Premium

Carbon Interior redefined.

Full carbon. HCFT. Quality.
Made in Germany.



Full carbon

Front plates made of full carbon. Absolute perfection.



Most advanced structured carbon



All advantages at a glance


Traditionally, interior parts are laminated by hand. However, this involves many downsides.

Full carbon parts look different because the parts are produced under vacuum. In this process, the fabric is pressed against the mold at approx. 10 tons per m2. The result? The fibers look much sharper and 3-dimensional. This look can only be achieved with full carbon and fits 100% to the OEM finish because OEM parts are also made of full carbon.

A major disadvantage of lamination is that up to 1mm of material is applied to the original part. This has a significant negative impact on the trim lines - especially on new cars with narrow gaps thats a problem. With CF Premium you get parts that are identical in dimensions to the originals, a perfect fit that would never be achieved with lamination.

Our full carbon fronts as well as the backplates with mounting points are completely manufactured by us. The result are significantly more durable parts. With laminated parts it often comes to a settling of the resin - due to high material thickness and heat expansion differences - a few days in the summer heat and the originally beautiful part is no longer flat and shiny. Not so with CF Premium, due to the full carbon production there is hardly any material above the fabric so that nothing can settle. Your parts will still look like on the first day even in 10 years.


HCFT, that is our self-developed process for the production of structured carbon parts. HCFT stands for Heat-Compressed Fiber Transfer. Roughly explained, the fabric is not glued on by hand but pressed onto the carrier part under heat and pressure. This is important because the high pressure makes the fibers particularly smooth. In addition, the same pressure is applied at every point of the part, so that the fabric becomes visibly and feelable smoother and more homogeneous throughout.

The blanks for lamination are self-made and adjusted in dimensions. We reduced the thickness in advance so that the parts are back to original dimensions after HCFT bonding of the fabric. Gap dimensions in perfection.


Quality and customer satisfaction are our biggest goals. With CF Premium, we show what is possible and provide much better parts than anyone ever before. We live quality. We love carbon. We are the expert for interior parts.

  • Full carbon look - like original
  • Dimensions as original - gap dimensions as original
  • More durable than traditionally laminated parts