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Welcome to the CarbonFabrik. We are your reliable partner when it comes to refining your vehicle with real carbon. We manufacture carbon parts entirely according to your wishes.


Porsche 911 Silhouette Orange


Fiber gradients, colored fabrics, glazes, we laminate your parts according to your ideas


High-performance adhesives and epoxy resins as well as outstanding 2K clearcoats for highest quality.

Made in Germany

Our parts are 100% Made in Germany.

Carbon parts

We refine all components according to customer requirements. You tell us what you want, we implement it. There are no limits to your creativity. Different types of fabric or color accents (e.g. blue thread carbon) are available. We will gladly individualize your carbon part with additional color accents, lettering or logos using the airbrush gun.

Have mirror carbon laminated
Carbon parts mirror caps


Whether exterior mirrors, front grille or other applications. In the exterior, carbon parts look particularly classy and create beautiful reflections in the sun. Not only does the surface create a reflection, but each individual carbon fiber reacts to the sunlight.


Center consoles, trim strips, steering wheels or seat trim. Create carbon parts the premium feeling in the interior. In combination with leather or Alcantara, carbon parts with a high depth effect and their reflective surface set emotional accents that turn a stay in the vehicle into an experience.

We use only premium fabric, perfect quality - like OEM.
Best resins with a high temperature resistance and low color number put the carbon in the center.
Whether twill or canvas fabric, with or without color accents or logos, we will turn your wishes into reality. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, with or without decorative threads (e.g. blue thread carbon).
We anneal all parts and seal them with special 2K clear lacquer. This ensures high temperature resistance and long durability and prevents yellowing.
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Carbon parts for all makes and models

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