Carbon Interior.Your interior refined with high quality carbon.


Fiber gradients, colored fabrics, glazes, we laminate your parts according to your ideas


High-performance adhesives and epoxy resins as well as outstanding 2K clearcoats for highest quality.

Made in Germany

Our parts are 100% Made in Germany. The best for your Carbon Interior.

Your individual Carbon Interior

How we upgrade your interior

  1. Individual selection of the fabric, fiber course and glaze on request
  2. You send the components or we purchase them for you
  3. Carbon finishing of your component with high-quality industrial adhesives and UV-resistant resins
  4. Tempered and protected with special 2K clear coat - we get the maximum durability out of it
  5. Free return shipping
  6. Unpack and reinstall
If we have the upgraded part in stock, it will be shipped (in exchange for your old part) within 24 hours. In this case we charge a deposit until we have received your old part.
We use premium fabric, perfect quality - like OEM.
Best resins with a high temperature resistance and low color number put the carbon in the center.
Whether twill or canvas fabric, with or without color accents or logos, we turn your wishes into reality. Individualize your personal Carbon Interior.
We anneal all parts and seal them with special 2K clear lacquer. This ensures high temperature resistance and long durability and prevents yellowing.
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Carbon interior for all makes and models

You can not find your parts on our website? No problem! Just send us a message via the contact form below and we will be happy to advise you for your Carbon Interior. 

You can get more information about carbon in our article: What is carbon fiber?