Carbon coating.We fulfill dreams with carbon

Welcome to the CarbonFabrik. We offer you the Customized carbon coating of all vehicle parts. We value in our manufactory cars and motorcycles of all brands with real carbon and that certain something of passion. Customer satisfaction and quality are our highest claim.


Fiber gradients, colored fabrics, glazes, we laminate your parts according to your ideas


High-performance adhesives and epoxy resins as well as outstanding 2K clearcoats for highest quality.

Made in Germany

Our parts are 100% Made in Germany.

Carbon coating

All vehicle parts from the interior and exterior are made according to your individual requirements coated with carbon in our manufactory. For this we use only high quality fabric as twill, satin or plain weave, which is annealed after processing to ensure high Temperature resistance guarantee. Finally, we seal the coated carbon part with a special 2-component clear coat. Thereby we achieve an excellent Scratch resistance, UV resistance and very good durability of the component. This process creates the unique carbon look with high depth effect.


Why carbon coating?

  • With the carbon coating we achieve the same optics as with a full carbon part, since we use the same fabrics.
  • Full carbon leads to high costs for one-off production. The carbon coating is essential cheaper and more flexible.
  • The very good mechanical properties from solid carbon are usually not required. Neither the weight, nor the tensile strength or bending stiffness are relevant for mirror caps or trims.
  • The Weight saving of full carbon compared to the carbon coating is usually only marginally. In most cases, plastic parts are coated that already have a low weight compared to metals.

Carbon coating for all brands and models