Carbon laminate

We offer professional and individual carbon lamination of your components. Whether automotive, motorcycle or furniture, we implement your specifications precisely and reliably.


Fiber gradients, colored fabrics, glazes, we laminate your parts according to your ideas


High-performance adhesives and epoxy resins as well as outstanding 2K clearcoats for highest quality.

Made in Germany

Our parts are 100% Made in Germany.

Have mirror carbon laminated
Carbon parts mirror caps
Carbon laminating on a component

Carbon laminate


1) You disassemble your parts and send them to us for lamination.
2) We laminate the components with high quality materials. For this, we use industrial adhesives, temperature-resistant and UV-resistant resins. Which fabric is used and how is completely up to you.
3) Finally, we paint the parts several times with high quality 2K clear coat to realize UV and scratch resistance.
4) We will send you the components ready, so you only need to install them.

If we have the desired components in stock, an exchange is also possible, you pay a deposit, receive our components and send us your old ones back. You can have all parts laminated with carbon.

Why carbon lamination instead of full carbon?

More favorable

Less time and material required. The existing part is laminated.


We only need your component and your material request. Everything is possible.

Carbon laminate for all makes and models

Interest aroused? Have your parts laminated with carbon! Send us a message via our contact form for your personal offer of a carbon lamination. We will be happy to advise you!

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